KIIT University has been engaged in various research activities in public health domain.

A decision has been taken to establish the School of Public Health in the year 2015 under KIIT University.

This decision is driven by a situation analysis of

  • India’s public health vulnerability in today’s global village in the context of its huge population, socio-cultural diversity, the epidemiologic transition, and the challenges of triple burden of disease
  • Performance of India’s vast net work of public and private health infrastructure at primary, secondary, and tertiary level
  • Country scenario of public health education system, the requirement and shortage of public health professionals, and the competency level they need to tackle the complex public health challenges of 21st century
  • Policy directives under National Health Policy (NHP), National Health Research Policy(NHRP), National Health Mission (NHM) and Universal Health Coverage (UHC).
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National Symposium on Universal Health Coverage in India
12th December 2016

Theme: Bridging the knowledge and implementation gap
Occasion: Universal Health Coverage Day 12th December

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News & Events

January-February, 2017

Dr. Sudhir Kumar Satpathy, Director, School of Public Health has participated in following National and international Meetings and Conferences:

January 4-5, 2017: Participated and chaired a Session in the workshop on Innovation in Sustainable Development at XIMB, Bhubaneswar.

February 10-11, 2017: Participated in Asia-Pacific Public Policy Network (AP-PPN) Conference, at Chiang Mai University, Thailand.