Education is the
Third Eye of a Child

Founder’s Message

School of Public Health 

KIIT School of Public Health (KSPH) was established in 2015 as we felt the need to improve the health of fellow people. As a promise to my mother and motherland, I am always ready to give back to society through education, sports, health, philanthropy, and social service. KIIT & KISS serves the underprivileged with humbleness based on the principle ‘Dignity, not Charity’.

In the context of health as an integral part of the right to life, KIIT & KISS is striving to provide healthcare through Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences in model health centres and conducts routine health camps for hard-to-reach areas enabling the members of society to access the quality healthcare.

At this juncture the public health discipline will empower the service providers, the policymakers to provide efficient and effective access to quality healthcare for all.

As a multidisciplinary stream, Public Health promotes and protects the health of the population as a whole, locally, nationally, and globally; by creating enabling environment, thereby saves lives and money. The school is dedicated to ensure its graduates are competent public health professional who will become leaders in various domains of public health throughprogram implementation research, innovation and adapting newer technologies. The school ensures student engagement in local, national and international public health activities for contextual understanding, skill building and making them global citizen.

In the last seven years of its existence, KSPH has emerged as one of the best schools in the country in public health through its teaching and research. School has signed MoUs with international and national universities/organizations specialized in various domains of public health to nurture the future leaders in public health and health administration. The school runs Master’s programme in public health (MPH), Master’s program in hospital administration (MHA), and doctoral program in public health to complement the healthcare service provision to the needy.

I welcome all the stakeholders to this school for academic, and research excellence.