Research and publications in last 5 years

Article titled "Spatial heterogeneity in projected leprosy trends in India” published at 'Parasites and vectors’ journal in 2015. Dr Sudhir Kumar Satpathy, Director, KIIT School of Public Health shared as co-author.

Publications in the current and previous academic year

Article titled ‘Health and policy environment of internal labour migrants in India – A literature review and future direction” published at ‘International journal of current research and review’ in 2018. Dr Manas Ranjan Behera, Assistant Professor (II), KIIT School of Public Health is the first author.

Article titled "Independent Urban Effect on Hypertension of Older Indians: Identification of A Knowledge Gap from Study On Global Ageing And Health " published at 'Journal of American Society of Hypertension (JASH)'. Ms. Kavitha AK, Faculty Associate, KIIT School of Public Health shared as co-author.

Consultancy services provided by the faculty of School of Public Health

Mr. Himanshu Sekhar Pradhan, Associate Professor, KIIT School of Public Health, Undertook a consultancy project titled “A Study to establish the nutritional status of the impact population of CARE India’s TARINA project areas in Kandhamal and Kalahandi districts of Odisha” assigned by Care India. Project duration: 01 March – 05 May, 2018 (completed)

Ms. Itishree Mohanty, Faculty Associate, KSPH has acted as an assessor for selection of best health facilities for Kayakalpa award under National Health Mission, Govt. of Odisha on 26th October 2018 . She is still continuing as an external assessor of Kayakalpa Award for Government Health Institutions.

Research scholar list with names and research area

There are three (3) research scholars sponsored by Government of Ethiopia have joined PhD in Public Health for the academic year 2017-18. The names and research area of the doctoral scholar are mentioned below –

  • 1. Mr. Getahun Bahiru Desta: His broad area of research is ‘tuberculosis’.
  • 2. Mr. Hailemarium Mamo: His broad area of research is ‘Health literacy and adolescent health’.
  • 3. Ms. Melat Menberu: His broad area of research is ‘tuberculosis’.

Research collaboration by the school

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed with Christian Medical College, Vellore for four years project titled “Impact Assessment study of Rotavirus vaccine”. The project started from January 2016 and continuing.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed with George Institute for Global Health, New Delhi, India on 06 May 2016 for academic collaboration.

School of Public Health, KIIT Deemed to be University has been selected as a consortium partners of Indian and European Universities/ institutions for a ERASMUS+ project titled “PREVENT IT – Antibiotic resistance – capacity building. The project is likely to start from January 2019.

Research Project

Sl. No. Funding Agency Topic Year Name of the Coordinators
1 Chilika Development Authority (CDA, Govt. of Odisha) Locating Opportunities for Chilika Fish Cooperatives to Move Up the Market Value Chain 2012-13 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
2 SC & ST RTI, Govt. of Odisha Study on traditional medicine and healing practices amongst tribal in Odisha 2013-14 Prof. Prashant Parida
3 OPEPA Sample Checking of DISE data 2013-14 Prof. Prashant Parida
4 OPEPA Assessment of School  Management Committee on preparation  and implementation of school development plan 2012-13 Prof. Prashant Parida
6 Planning & Coordination Department, Govt. of Odisha Comprehensive district plan for Jharsuguda 2013-15 Prof. Damodar Jena
7 Planning & Coordination Department, Govt. of Odisha Comprehensive district plan for Bolangir 2013-15 Prof. Pradeep Mishra
8 OTELP, SC ST Department Outcome study 2012-13 OTELP 2013-15 Prof. Prashant Parida
9 NCSCM-Ministry of Environment & Forest Costal Profile- A socio-economic assessment of coastal resource based livelihood activities for the coast of Odisha(Proposal Submitted) 2013-15 Prof. L. K. Vaswani
Prof. H. S Ganesha &
Prof. Sumita Sindhi
10 Odisha Forestry Sector Development Project Impact Assessment of Project Interventions around Community Development Component of OFSDP 2013 Prof. L.K.vaswani
11 NGP NGP 2013 2014 Prof. Prashant Parida
12 World Bank Land Governance  Assessment Framework(LGAF): KSRM asked to coordinate work for Odisha 2013-15 Prof. L. K. Vaswani
Prof. Sumita Sindhi
Consultants outside KSRM(6) Scholars(2)
13 World Bank  Land Governance  Assessment Framework(LGAF): KSRM asked to coordinate work for Odisha-Phase-II 2014-15 Prof. L. K. Vaswani
14 TERI 'Impact Assessment Study of Solar Lighting in Koraput and Mayurbhanj Districts'. 2014-15 Prof .Pradeep Kumar Mishra
15 TERI Evaluation of Forestry Interventions in Odisha Forestry Sector Development Project (OFSDP) from OFSDP 2014-15 Prof Pradeep Kumar Mishra, Prof. Sumita Sindhi
Sl NO Title Agency Date
1 MDP on Improving Managerial Effectiveness for PVP Participants - Tamil Nadu,
PVP, Tamil Nadu 24th Feb - 1st March,2014
24th to 29th March, 2014
31st March to 5th April, 2014
7th to 12th April, 2014
5th to 10th May, 2014
12th to 17th May, 2014
2 MDP on Women Technology Park DST 26th-29th Mar 2014
3 MDP on "Defining Agenda for Change for NHDC NHDC 13th - 15th February, 2014
4 Training for Yps SERP 5th Feb-9th Feb 2014
5 Odisha Forestry Sector Development Project Making Multi-Stakeholder/Multi-Sector Partnership (MSP) Work Ist Phase 23rd Sept-25th Sept 2013
IInd Phase 15th - 17th January, 2014
6 CSR Partnerships Training Workshop for NGOs and Social Enterprises Partners in Change(Pic)  

School of KIIT School of Management

P.I. Title of Project Funding Agency Duration Status
1 Mr. Omkar Nath Tripathi & Prof. Sailbala Devi Impact of tribal self Governance of maternal and child health seeking behavior of koya tribe in Malkanagiri district of Odisha ICSSR 1Year Ongoing
2 Prof.Biswajit Das &Prof. Abhishek Kumar “Process Documentation of Best practices and Innovations in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)” ICSSR 2Years Ongoing

School of Biotechnology
Ongoing Projects

Sl No Name of the Investigator Title of the project Duration Funding Agency
01 Dr. Sasmita Nayak,
Dr. Mrutyunjay Suar
Indo-US Joint Center on Nanostructure Genomics:  Designing Functionality of 2-Dimensional Nanostructures and Nano-Bio Interfaces 2014-2016 Indo-US Science and Technology Forum(IUSSTF)
02 Dr. Mrutyunjay Suar Identification and characterization of novel promoters of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis contributing in virulence phenotype 2013-16 DBT, Govt. of India
03 Dr. Mrutyunjay Suar Characterization of sRNAs involved in the Acid Tolerance Response (ATR) in Salmonella and their influence on virulence 2014-17 ICMR, Govt.Of India
04 Dr. Suraj K Tripathy
Dr. Mrutyunjay Suar
Development of process for detoxification of hospital effluent 2013-15 Karolins
05 Dr. Mrutyunjay Suar Early diagnosis of causative agents of diarrhea, malaria and typhoid for effective healthcare management: A pilot study in a rural Health centre 2012-15 DBT, Govt. of India
06 Dr. Mrutyunjay Suar
Dr.Suraj K Tripathy
Dr. B. N. Banerjee
Lab Testing of Purifier , field testing of water & Urine samples and Genotoxicity testing 2014-15 HUL
07 Dr..C.N.Kundu Development of potent anti- cervical cancer drug using bio active small molecule quinacirine nano particles. 2013-16 ICMR, Govt.of India New Delhi
08 Dr. Avinash Sonawane Identification and elucidation of role of glycoproteins in the pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: a study on the implications of mycobacteria glycoproteins in the modulation of host immune responses and as drug targets 2013-16 ICMR, Govt.of India New Delhi
09 Dr. Avinash Sonawane Biogenic synthesis and delivery of drug encapsulating nanoparticles to macrophages and their role in the induction of innate and adaptive immune responses for the treatment of Tuberculosis.  2012-15 DST, New Delhi
10 Dr. Avinash Sonawane Identification & testing of cationic antimicrobial peptides from human granulocytes against mycobacteria & delivery of peptides using nanobead technology:implication on polypeptide based therapy for treatment of tuberculosis 2013-16 DBT,Govt. of India New Delhi
11 Dr. A.Pal Hyperglycemia induced oxidative stress in diabetic complication in retina 2011-14 DBT,Govt.of India NewDelhi
12 Dr. A.Pal 2-Chloroethyl ethyl sulfide as part of the cytotoxicity: the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms in mouse skin 2012-15 ICMR , Govt.of India new delhi
13 Dr. A.Pal Oxidative damage to cell organelle and it relationship to diabetic retinopathy 2014-16 ICMR New Delhi
14 Dr.Banerjee Role of TLR mediated Genomic Instability patterns in response to chronic infection of Tuberculosis and Host-pathogen interaction 2013-16 DBT, New Delhi
15 Dr. Banerjee Profiling the radiation resistance properties and DNA damage response of cancer stem cells 2013-16 DAE
16 Dr. Priyadarshi Sahu
Dr.. Subrat Kumar
Immunological study of neurocysticercosis and estimation of its prevelance mong patients with epilepsy by serological disgnosis 2012-15 ICMR, New Delhi
17 Dr. Luna Goswami Screening, Purification, Molecular cloning and functional characterization of the novel plant cell wall- degrading enzymes from natural sources. 2012-15 DST, New Delhi
18 Dr. Luna Goswami Regulation of cytoskeletal components by TRPV receptors and vice versa relevant in cancer and neuropathic pain”. DST 2013-16 DST, New Delhi
19 Dr. B.K.Bindhani Chitosan-Based Matrix System For Controlled Drug Release 2012-15 CSIR, New Delhi
20 Dr. Priti Ray Conservation genetics study of tasar silkworm (antheraea mylitta drury) ecoraces available in odisha using DNA markers 2012-15 DST, New Delhi
21 Dr. Vishakha Raina
Dr. T. K. Adhya
Development and Optimization of Technology for Bioremediation of Chlorpyrifos in Constructed Wetlands 2013-16 DBT, New Delhi
22 Dr. Mrutyunjay Suar
Dr. Vishakha Raina
Dr. T K Adhya
Isolation and Characterization of Benthic as well as Littoral Microbial Flora of Chilika Lake 2013-16 ICZMP
23 Dr. Suraj Tripathy Surface Plasmon assisted sonophotocatalytic deactivation of biologically active compounds 2013-18 DST, New Delhi
24 Dr. Tithi Parija Study on estrogen receptor alfa (ER-a) in breast cancer patients with reference to local population 2012-15 DBT, New Delhi
25 Dr. Ratna Kumari Wnt and Hedgehog interaction: a novel therapeutic approach for Hepatocellular carcinoma 2013-16 DBT, New Delhi
26 Dr. Gopal Choudhary Phytostabilization of mine tailings in the Sukinda chromite mining area: development and optimization of a PGPR (plant growth-promoting 2013-16 DBT, New Delhi
27 Dr. G P Singh Identification, functional investigation and evolution of protein complexes in bacteria 2014-15 DST, New Delhi
28 Dr. Amrita Mishra Development of hydrogel based nanoformulation for burn wound applications 2014-17 DBT, New Delhi
29 Dr. Amrita Mishra Development of nanocomposite based bio-compatible packaging materials for enhancing the shelf-life of food products, 2014-17 DST, New Delhi
30 Dr. Archana Ghatak Isolation of adhesive mucus from snails collected from Eastern India and studies on their adhesive properties. 2014-17 DST, New Delhi
31 Dr. Archana Ghatak Purification and Biochemical Characterization of the Non Structural Protein 3(nsP3) of Chikungunya virus 2014-17 DST, New Delhi
32 Dr. Dindyal Mondal Peptide – generatd metal nanoparticles and their potential biomedical applications” 2014-16 DST, New Delhi
33 Dr. Srilekha Mishra Incidence of Bacteremia in individuals with Type-2 Diabetes 2014-16 DBT New Delhi
34 Dr Gargi Dey Novel Formulation and Technology Optimization for Synbiotic fruit beverages 2014-16 DBT New Delhi
35 Dr. Luna Goswami Synthesis and characterization of novel hydrogel suitable for bone tissue engineering 2014-17 ICMR, New Delhi
36 Dr. Pankaj Parhi Hydrometallurgy-Recovery of valuable metals from low grade and secondary resources 2012-17 DST ,New Delhi
37 Dr. Satyabrata Sai NIR absorbing gold nano structures for biological Applications 2015-18 DST, New Delhi
38 Dr. Satyabrata Sai Organic-Inorganic hybrid nano-composes:Electrolytes for Electrochemical devices 2013-18 DST, New Delhi
39 Dr. Snehasis Mishra Biogas Development & Training Centre 2013-2016 MNRE, New Delhi