Prof. N. L. Mitra
Chancellor, KIIT

Prof. N. L. Mitra received his M.Com (CU), and LL.M (BU) and Ph.D in Law from Calcutta University. He holds a certificate in Human Rights from International Institute of Human Right, Strarnsburg, France. Prof. Mitra has been formerly the Vice-Chancellor of National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore (1997-2001) and Founder Vice-Chancellor of National Law University (NLU), Jodhpur (2001-2004). He has been instrumental in establishing some other National Law Universities in various States including Odisha. He is a member of the Governing Council and Executive Council of NLU, Odisha.

Professor Mitra is a life member of Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) and India Law Institute (ILI), Former member of the Executive Committee of Common Wealth Legal Education Association (CLEA) and former invitee to the American Law Deans Association and American Bar Association. He is presently member of the Legal Education Committee of the Bar Council of India and a Senior Partner of a leading Law firm Fox Mandal & Associates.

Professor Mitra was thickly involved in the financial sector law reform and developing a regulatory system in India. He was adviser to the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India during (1999-2002). On his research study founded by World Bank, a Judicial Training System was strongly recommended by World Bank for Asian Countries as a condition of instruction of market economy. Prof. Mitra was Chairman of the Committee to deal in the Financial Fraud on which report Govt. of India established a Multi Faculty Financial Investigation Body in C.B.I. He was also the Chairman of the Bankruptcy Committee and recommended a strong bankruptcy law for the country with a strong Company Law to be introduced. Prof. Mitra’s report on reform of SEBI was the foundation of the SEBI Act amendments. As a member of the Legal Advisory Committee of SEBI (2002-2005) he piloted several Regulations for the market regulator.

He was member of the Banking Law Reform Committee (Andrharjum Committee) and introduced the first draft on Securitization and Asset Reconstruction Law. His research under the Harvard Institution of International Development on Debt Security System in India is considered as a Primary research by ADB on which new legislation has been proposed.

During initial years (2006-9) he provided advise to the Competition Commission of India and was initially a member and then took out as Chairman of the Research and Advisory Committee of the Commission.

At different times he advised various Ministries and initiated various laws in India such as, as a Chairman of the Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Management he suggested and provided an outline draft of the Fiscal Responsibility Act, as an advisor to Ministry of Home Affairs advised on Public Lotry Regulation System, as a member of Copy Right Law (HR Ministry) on Patent Law (Ministry of Commerce) several reform outline on the law as an adviser to Ministry of Agriculture advised on draft of Model Marketing Act and Contract forming power as an advisor to RBI advised in EFT Regulation, as the advisor to the Ministry of Child Welfare drafted the new bill on the children (in conflict with) and children (in need of legal support), as an advisor to Ministry of Personnel and Training advised in Training in Administrative Laws for all India Service Offices etc.

He has conduced research on various contemporary issues like Gujarat Earth quake, suicide of farmers, pesticide manufacture and distribution system etc.,

Professor Mitra very actively supported the legal reform in International Harmonization Law, International Criminal Law and on armed conflict. He has advised International Red Cross Society and VNHCR. Prof. Mitra gave the thernatic address on International Criminal Justice System in Afro-Asian Consultative Committee Meeting in 1999 in Tehran.

He was the initiator of the Environmental Law Reform and Comprehensive protective system in 1999-2000 formed by World Bank and was the member of the National Committee certified by the Ministry of Environment.

Prof. Mitra introduced the Distant Learning in Law in India with the Master Degree in Business Laws by way of Global Education. He was the first Indian University to establish it’s study centre outside India in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 1997. He published more than a dozen of books and hundred articles in National and International grounds.